What to expect:

It is very hard to describe what you will experience as this is something unique for each and every person, still the following information can be used as a guideline to help you prepare for your floating experience.

Upon your arrival, you will be talked through the process of your upcoming experience which includes a brief introduction to floating, it’s main benefits and also a full description of the tank.

Before your session starts, you will have 5 minutes to undress and take a warm shower. Please do not use any of the provided soap and shampoo before entering the pod. These are there to be used only after your floating session ends.

Once you enter the pod, find a comfortable position in the water. You may choose to use the ear plugs we provide. Let your head and neck relax (you may use the floating pillow we provide), and feel the tension release from your muscles.

Your session will start with 10 minutes of therapeutic music. There is also a button to turn on/off the lights as you please.

Even though we do recommend to float with the pod’s hatch closed for the ultimate sensory deprivation experience, we fully understand that some might want to leave the hatch either partially or fully open. That is completely up to you, the hatch can easily be opened or closed from the inside.

Remember that you are always in control, the pod is located inside its own lockable private room with a walk-in shower.

Now, all you need to do is float effortlessly and enjoy the experience.

Floatation allows you to reach a deep state of relaxation, meaning that you can easily hallucinate or even fall asleep during your session. Although some individuals might reach this state on their first floatation experience, some will find that it will take them multiple sessions to reach this height of relaxation, as mentioned before, every person’s experience is unique.

Floating is recognized by the Back Pain Association as giving very effective pain relief, it takes about half an hour for muscles to relax completely. There is no need to become frustrated if it takes you a while for your mind to settle down – everyone might experience this and the real benefits are only noticed after your session is over.

It is very common for people to feel like scratching their face or their eyes, Remember you are floating in 500Kg of pure Epsom salt so doing that with your bare hands is not the best idea. For that reason, inside the tank, hanging on your right you will find a clean warm cloth that you can utilize.

Your session will end with another 5 minutes of therapeutic music. Once those 5 minutes pass an automated voice will alert you that your session is over. It is now time to get out and take a warm shower.

Once out of the tank, please take it slow and enjoy a hot cup of tea in our library lounge area, while you transition back into the space.