I was introduced to Sanya a few months back and I will forever be grateful for it and cannot recommend it enough. The place offers the safe, peaceful sanctuary we all need to have in our life as well as the support needed to overcome a rough period. The yoga classes, the retreats, the treatments as well as the place itself all contribute to a healthy balance and a very much needed state of mind in our fast paced lives.


My hens was organised yesterday at Sanya Eco Spa and it was truly a wonderful experience, all present really enjoyed the treatments and the staff did their utmost to make the day a special one and see to our different needs. The ambience is also really lovely and relaxing and the food was both nutritious and delicious, a big thank you and well done to everyone at Sanya Eco Spa!!


I signed up for the Go Within Retreat to find the ‘real me’. What I didn’t expect is that I found not just myself but also new friends. Sanya managed to create a safe space where a group of strangers shared their stories, laughter and tears without any judgement or expectation, and in that process we all healed each other. I was at a point in my life where I got so used to doing my own thing and thought that by keeping my distance from other people I would protect myself from pain and disappointment. This retreat opened my eyes and showed me how important human connections are for our mental and physical wellbeing. This retreat was the perfect break from my daily life and family routine. After these 3 days I feel at peace, refreshed and energized, ready to face life with more serenity and with more faith in myself and the universe. That you for everything, as always.


Sanya is a haven of peace and serenity. It has served as a restorative and healing place for me over the last year through Yas’ meditation sessions and a personalised programme which has provided me with a safe space to understand and recognise the challenging space I was in. The result has been transformational and deeply spiritual. Sanya is not a pit stop in life. It is a lifestyle which allows for a non-judgemental and safe space to take resposibility for your happiness and detach from painful emotional patterns that hold you captive. I highly reccomend Sanya as a step away from your busy lives.


I suffer from anxiety and I found that meditation has helped me so much. I attend weekly sessions at Sanya. My teacher is beyond explanation. She understands you and helps you go through a journey of calmness and self love. Thank you Yasmin.


Sanya is so much more than a spa… it’s a complete concept of holistic wellbeing, founded on a philosophy of ethics and consciousness. The team do their work with a passion and truly care for their clients. I have had the pleasure of enjoying their services for a long time and they have always been totally amazing!