Stepping out of our usual routines, and temporarily leaving behind the usual distractions that we face on a daily basis, allows for deep relaxation and for inner change to occur. Our retreats are all about that, resetting and restoring our nervous system to connect to our true essence.

🌿Sicily Retreats🌿

A Sanctuary for your Soul

Our retreats heal your body, and reconnect you to your essence. 

Located in Cefalu, Sicily, you’ll discover a budding food forest and permaculture project, and dedication to living an ecologically sustainable life that is in tune with nature.

We believe that the deepest healing comes in community. We are dedicated to creating spaces that feel safe and that are grounded in a respect for spirit and mother nature. We feel that the appreciation and reverence for all that is magnificent in this creation, creates the right ground for us to drop our protections, defenses and ego strategies, slowly and safely. In favour of a togetherness, and connection that creates the right conditions for healing.

“So much more than a yoga retreat…it was a safe space to unplug, de-stress and recharge. Thank you for the gifts of patience, attention and Kindness."

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