Yoga came into my life when I was quite young but I didn’t really understand the true benefits of this practice until much later in life. In 2017, at the age of 35, I took my first teacher training and felt like I had finally found what my soul needed. Since then I trained in various styles of yoga but my true passion is Yin. I was lucky enough to study under some wonderful teachers who cultivated a great passion of this slow and calming practice. While I was learning everything I could on how to teach this practice, I began to notice how my life was slowly becoming more balanced and harmonious. Sharing this tool with others brings me so much joy.

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  • My yoga journey took off in 2013 when I started suffering from unbearable sciatica pain. I tried different types of treatment but nothing seemed to serve as a permanent fix. One day I decided to give yoga a try. After my first class I remember so clearly that I left with so many unexpected feelings. I felt relieved, my body felt in place and more aligned as though i felt taller after a 1.5hr session. There and then I knew that there was something special about this practice and I never looked back. The love for yoga grew as the years passed by. Whilst I was volunteering and travelling in India, I acquired my RYS 200HR Yoga Teacher Training certification in Dharamkot specialising in Ashtanga. The intensive practice under the direct instruction of Vijay has taught me so many lessons on and off the mat. I hope that through the sessions I will be able to share with you all that I have learnt from incredible India. As an instructor I believe that primarily we are here to guide participants allowing to discover the inner-self, grow as an individual, and better their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Namaste ? <3