My Yoga journey began back in 2018, in Italy, when without knowing anything about Yoga I attended my very first class. Since that moment everything changed to me, I felt a new connection with myself and led by this new feeling of wellbeing and peacefulness I started practicing more and more. By time, I felt the desire to deepen my knowledge about Yoga and I decided to become a Yoga teacher in order to share and spread the power and magic of Yoga practice.


My classes are a mix of Hatha and Vinyasa flows, and my style is inspired by the method Body Mind Flow: a powerful method that helps you to reconnect with your breath and with your inner self thanks to the combination of asanas, meditation, breathing techniques and free movement moments.


My intention is to let you understand that Yoga is much more than just a physical exercise: practicing yoga asanas means to move the body in a conscious way, being guided by the breath. Yoga is a meditation in motion. Yoga connects our body, mind, and spirit-our true self, and balances our lives.


I want to spread the concept that Yoga is a never-ending journey of personal growth that starts on the mat, and continues outside of it in everyday life.


I will be glad to guide you through your Yoga journey, let’s meet on the mat for flowing together!

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