Breathing & Meditation are two two tools that have supported me in my healing journey in the past few years, and that I will never replace with anything else. When we breathe, the mind relaxes. When the mind relaxes, the body relaxes. When the body relaxes, a lot of disease is prevented. When we meditate, we get in touch with ourselves. Everyday we are bombarded with a lot of information and stress so this is why we need to constantly be cleaning our inner space physically, mentally and emotionally. I have been practicing since 2016 and have been trained by a certified breathing and meditation instructor.

  • Breathing & Meditation are two two tools that have supported me in my healing journey […]
  • In 2018, during one of my yoga teacher-training seminars, guided meditation was accompanied by Himalayan […]
  • I became interested in holistic health after experiencing my first sugar detox many moons ago. […]
  • Kimberley Stapleton is an International recognised , Hypnotherapist, positive psychologist, counsellor, transformational life & business […]
  • I first discovered yoga and meditation whilst travelling in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru. Since then I started redirecting my lifestyle to become more in alignment with the yoga values which I instantlyconnected to. My practice started to deepen when I met my teacher and his yoga and meditation centre in Bali. In my first visit I did my teacher training and completed a two week sadhana (intensive practice). Since then I have committed to my practice and visit Bali every year to retreat and go deeper into my practice. I teach a traditional hatha style of yoga with a very big focus on yoga as a tool to enter the state of meditation. Yoga posture is the tool, meditation is the path.
  • Mariella Porter is a Clinical Nutritionist registered both in Malta and the UK. She obtained her Master Degree in Nutrition from the University of Chester UK with Distinction, where she studied within the ClinicalSciences Department. Ms Porter has also earned a Diploma in the following areas: Diet & Weight Management, Child Nutrition, together with Exercise and Sports Nutrition. Ms Porter is also trained in special dietary needs such as plant-based diets, food elimination diets for allergies or intolerance and specialised diets for genetic and other conditions. She is a warranted Educator, has education very much at heart, and delivers talks and seminars on various nutrition and health topics. Besides having a vast experience in schools with children and adolescents of varying ages, Ms Porter is also certified to deliver courses for parents and adults alike. Apart from her profession, Mariella is the mother of a young energetic family, where she aims at striking a balance between work, family and enjoying life!
  • Denis Simani is a Naturopathic Practitioner, specialising in Cranioasacral therapy.
  • Carlotta Bernardo is a cheerful and positive person who believes in people’s inner power and helps them to see their life from another point of view. Since she was a child, she has devotedherself to meditation and yoga techniques, and attended different seminars around the world on self-improvement, managing emotions, as well as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Carlotta Bernardo graduated with a BSc in Child Psychology at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino (Italy). Fascinated by learning additional techniques to help others, Carlotta moved to London (United Kingdom) and obtained a Counselling Certificate and a MSc in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies at the Queen Mary University. She realised that the key to easily overcome life challenges is to focus on people’s inner potential by accessing the power of their unconscious mind. For this reason she became a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and begun to help a number of clients with hypnotherapyand achieved excellent results. Her hypnosis sessions lead people to reach excellent performances in their lives, just after few sessions.
  • I offer a natural and holistic approach to the mind and body and believe in its own power to heal! My treatments are based upon the understanding that each part of the body isinterconnected with one another, and that our body mirrors our well-being physically as well as emotionally. Originally, I come from Denmark, but now I am based in Malta where I practice body therapy as a certified bodyworker. In addition to body therapy, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and worked as a social worker in different areas. Along the years, I have gained a broad knowledge in psychiatric, addiction and mental illness. The combination of studying body therapy and social work, combined with my work “in the field”, has made me realize how everything we experience is stored in our bodies and can be the root cause behind physical pain and tensions. My aim is to help you reconnect to your body and get a deeper understanding of how the body and mind are linked together.