Holding Space

Holding Space is a 4 month inner journey curated by myself, Yasmin, founder of Sanya. Of all the retreats, programs, classes and workshops I have delivered over the past 5 years at Sanya, this one is definitely the closest to my heart.

It is closest to my heart because even though everything I have been through over the past ten years has given me the experience to be able to hold this space, I feel that this program takes me and the group beyond any of that. Everything we learn is information, and mostly keeps us in our mind, in our rational and logical sense. Yet this course is all about being. All about surrendering into a safe space and simply opening ourselves up to what will flow through. The practice of getting our minds and egos out of the way, usually leads to transcendental experiences. I myself, as facilitator also get to bathe in the magic that is created by this space. I too get to be held by the sacred space we will create together.

Holding Space is a hero’s journey. It is a call to embark on a journey to know yourself better, and through knowing yourself falling in love with the world.

We will be creating a strong and safe circle for us all to drop a few layers deeper into ourselves. Down below what we think we are, and what we ‘should’ do...to the parts of ourselves that are whole. Where we come in touch with the spark of our soul.

I believe we all yearn for sacred space and we all have potential to be bringers of connection. But to do that we need to learn to stay in the current. The current of nature’s harmony. To do that we need to clear out the shadows.

This course is for those serious about going within. Who are ready to be vulnerable, open and honest about how they feel. And who are feeling the call to be a space holder (no matter how much fear comes along with that idea)

Course Schedule:

2 saturday morning workshops per month (9.30am-12.30pm) 2 weekday online sessions (1 hour)

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Holding Space Course Q&A

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