Holding Space 24th September 2022 - 21st January 2023

Holding Space is a 4 month inner journey of self awareness and healing. You will be supported to come into a deeper awareness of yourself, and how to use your presence to be a safe and transformative space for others.

This round of the program will be focused on the feminine aspects of the psyche and the use of feminine power in the art of holding space. This will involve diving into some of the core aspects of the feminine psyche, including the important archetypes of maiden, mother and crone.

The course will be hosted by Sanya founder Yasmin de Giorgio.

This program is for you if:

* you are want to go deeper into relationship with yourself

* you want to support others' inner transformation

* you value connection and are ready to be part of something bigger than yourself

* you want to be inspired and supported by other spiritual seekers

* you feel a calling to dive deeper into your spiritual side

* you want experience the power of consistent ritual

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Holding Space Course Q&A

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