Wedding Prep Package

*Repechage Bio light brightening peel and deep cleansing facial OR Hydra dew pure facial

*75min Aromatherapy Anti-Stress Full Body Massage

*Full Body Scrub

*Repechage Red out Facial + Repechage Opti Firm Eye Treatment

*Hand and Foot Mask

*Take home lamina lift hydrating sheet mask

Price €285 discounted from €334 (save eur49)

85min Abhyanga Massage for the price of 55min

Pay for 55mins & get an upgrade to 85mins!

Abhyanga massage is one of the many gifts of the Ayurvedic health system, that originated in India. It is an entire body massage, from head to toe, using a special warm oil that is massaged into the body. The warm oil nourishes all 7 layers of the skin, which are connected to the 7 bodily tissues, and it also helps drive any aggravated 'doshas' (these are the elements that we are made up of, according to the Ayurvedic system) that are stuck in the tissues, back into the gastrointestinal tract to be eliminated. So this type of massage is very good for detoxing the body.

Enjoy this energising yet relaxing massage at a special price until 15.07.2022, which will leave you feeling nourished, balanced & cared for. You will also have complimentary use of our pool & spa on the day of your treatment.

€85 discounted from €108
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