6 X 60min Maderotherapy Slimming Wood Massage

Maderotherapy (wood therapy) is a massage technique that uses anatomically designed wooden tools to stimulate microcirculation and blood flow while helping eliminate cellulite and fat. The wooden tools allow highly targeted pressure to be applied to any problem areas (such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen), helping to sculpt and shape the silhouette. This technique also helps to tone and hydrate the skin whilst also being beneficial for your overall health, improving lymphatic flow and water retention. The massage is also relaxing for the muscles and restores balance in the mind & body.

Use of pool & spa included

€420 (SAVE €84)

Couples Abhyanga Massage (55min)

Enjoy one of our most popular massages with a loved one, friend or family member at a discounted price. This ayurvedic massage is a client favourite because it will help your body detox by eliminating impurities and toxins, as well as release any physical & emotional tension and stress you have built up in your body. It is an entire body massage, from head to toe, using a special warm oil made from medicinal plants and herbs, that is massaged into the body. The warm oil nourishes all 7 layers of the skin, which are connected to the 7 bodily tissues. Enjoy this energising yet relaxing massage for two at a discounted price. Purchase by 31.05.2023 to benefit from the offer. Book by 30.06.2023.

Use of pool & spa included

€144 discounted from €180 for two