Buy 3 Floats Get 1 FREE - LIMITED OFFER

4 X 60min Float Sessions for the price of 3.

Floatation therapy is an amazing treatment for deep relaxation and pain relief. With over 500kg of epsom salt, you will float effortlessly in our float tank, with no light, sound, or external pressures to refresh your mind, calm your nervous system and restore your health to new levels. It's Highly effective for the recovery from the effects of stress, illness, chronic pain, injury and strenuous exercise.

Float Sessions to be used by 31st December 2024. Float sessions can't be shared between clients.

This is a limited offer with 15 offers available.

€165 discounted from €220 for 4 X 60min Float Sessions

Summer Special

☀️Two Month Spa Membership + 75min Aromatherapy Massage for €180☀️

Escape the heat and enjoy a two month spa membership which will give you access to our pool & jacuzzis (in summer the pool heating is turned off and the pool roof is opened allowing the sun to shine through creating the perfect environment for refreshing serene swims), sauna, steam room & thermal showers + a 75min full body Aromatherapy Anti-Stress Massage during those two months - at a fantastic discounted price!

Regular sessions at the spa will promote improved circulation, elimination of toxins, muscle relaxation, stress relief, skin health, respiratory benefits and immune support. Complementing your detox routine with a soothing aromatherapy massage will aid in stress reduction, lymphatic drainage, and skin rejuvenation.

Embrace holistic wellness as you emerge refreshed and revitalized this season.

Offer valid for purchase till 15.07.2024. Membership to be activated by 01.08.2024.

€180 discounted from €239 (save €59)

Couples Abhyanga Massage Offer

Abhyanga Massage 55min for 2 & Use of Pool & Spa at a discounted price.

Enjoy one of our most popular massages with a partner, friend or family member at a discounted price. This ayurvedic massage is a client favourite because it will help your body detox by eliminating impurities and toxins, as well as release any physical & emotional tension and stress you have built up in your body. It is an entire body massage, from head to toe, using a special warm oil made from medicinal plants and herbs, that is massaged into the body. The warm oil nourishes all 7 layers of the skin, which are connected to the 7 bodily tissues. Enjoy this energising yet relaxing massage for two at a discounted price.

Purchase by 31.07.2024 to benefit from the offer. Book by 31.08.2024.

Use of pool & spa included

€144 for two discounted from €180 (SAVE €36)