Every month we bring you talks, workshops and courses to help you heal, learn and go-within. You can sign up for any of these events by clicking the book now buttons below.

Prenatal Yoga 4 week course - starting 30th January @ 5.30pm - 6.30pm

This is a 4 week course which involves 60 minutes prenatal yoga sessions with gentle vinyasa flows, suitable during all 3 trimesters of the pregnancy. It is ok if you have never done yoga before and also if you are a very experienced yogini.

We will meet every Monday for 4 weeks.

Adrienn will give different options during the flows, tailor-made to your needs.

The aim of prenatal yoga is to create balance and space in the female body to help you overcome typical pregnancy discomforts and encourage your baby to find its optimal position in your womb. Regular practice will build the stamina you will need for labour and birth, and it will also help you to feel calm and relaxed about the upcoming birth of your baby.

The session finishes with practicing breathing techniques and a beautiful relaxation with positive birth affirmations.

You will also get weekly birth preparation videos and a short home yoga practice video.

Price: €75

Breathwork Day Retreat - Saturday 11th February @ 10.30am - 5.00pm

This event will be a powerful opportunity to clear out any physical, mental and emotional blockages through the power of transformational breathwork.

10:30 - 11am - Intro & breathwork guidelines

11am - 2pm - Transformational Breathwork

2pm - Lunch

3pm - 5pm - Relaxation & Spa time

Don't forget your swimwear if you wish to make use of our pool & spa facilities 🙂

Host: Yasmin de Giorgio is the founder of Sanya and has been holding space through yoga, meditation, breathwork and other modalities for over 10 years.

Price €60 including lunch

Cacao Ceremony - 12th February @ 11am - 1.30pm

February is the month of love & with Valentine's Day just round the corner we feel to tune into some self love & nourishing our souls with Cacao and body movement.

We will be drinking a ceremonial grade cacao that will bring us in a relaxed state. Cacao is known to be a ‘heart opener’ and therefore it serves as a great tool to help us feel connected to our inner most joy & truth.

After sharing cacao we will practice some emotional release techniques to express any feelings that we have been carrying that no longer serve us. Body movement in itself is a great tool to release tension & stress & after shaking all this away we can flow into a dance or just sit , breath & be present.

There will be music supporting us in our journey & the playful spirit of Cacao that will give us a boost of energy.

We provide a safe space without judgement or expectations & the space to just be. Some people may choose to lie or sit for the whole session while others may feel called to dance or sing. Your way of expression is unique & beautiful as is & this is a beautiful opportunity to honour it.

Host: Katya Muscat

Price: €22

Kundalini Activation Experience - Saturday 18th February / Saturday 18th March @ 5pm - 7pm

There is a divine, life-force energy inside you waiting to open and infuse its beauty and bliss into every facet of your being.

Elina is inviting you for a session of Activation of your own lifeforce - Kundalini. Aliveness Kundalini activation (AKA) is a direct life force energy transmission that activates the energy in your body. AKA is a very personal journey and unique journey for everyone. This is a pure life force energy that has an incredible intelligence and will do exactly what your system needs at the moment of your life.

This is a natural energy transmission, not a wilful or self-generating process, nor is it Kundalini yoga or qigong.

This inner journey may be experienced on many levels simultaneously, it is a dance of energy within that can be manifested in many forms. From energetic sensations, throughout visions and spontaneous movements of the body. Emotional releases are very common too. The experience of pure bliss and liberation, a feeling of oneness and accessing the higher stages of awareness may also be presented.

Many people report long-lasting positive changes in their well-being, habits, and perception following the sessions. Each session builds on the last one. Results might vary among individuals.

Benefits of AKA sessions are, but not least:

Clarity of the mind, a sense of purpose, enhanced senses (taste, touch, smell, vision), deeper connection to nature and people, stronger intuition, change of habits (better eating, wanting to exercise), ability to self-heal, healthier boundaries, ability to manifest true desires into the physical world, rewiring of the brain and central nervous system, deeper connection with the body and its, natural rhythm, liberation from cravings and addictions, profound transformation of the consciousness, experience of infinite love, universal connectivity, bliss, deep inner wisdom, enlightenment.

Price: €50

Healing Anxiety Day Retreat - Saturday 25th February @ 9am - 7pm

Anxiety and stress are common experiences that can affect all aspects of life. Whether it's the uncertainty of the future or the demands of daily life, these emotions can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves. However, by understanding and nourishing our nervous system, we can begin to shift our perspective and find a sense of peace and control in the midst of chaos.

We invite you to join us for an event dedicated to healing anxiety and supporting the mind, body and spirit. Through a combination of yoga, breathing, meditation, Ayurveda, and the perspective coming from Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry, we will explore the best tools for calming and nourishing the nervous system and understanding the coping mechanisms that may have once helped us, but are now causing us issues. From physical postures and breathing exercises, to food and lifestyle tips, you will leave this event with a deeper understanding of how to support yourself in the face of stress and uncertainty. But the most important part will be a deeper understanding of how our mind creates our world, and how this understanding can empower us to change our basic operating systems.

The event will be topped off by a specially curated ayurvedic meal by our Sanya Bar team, and time using our spa facilities including an intro into how to use them specifically to help tune your nervous system to be more resilient to stress.

This day retreat:

9am - 10.15am - Yoga Class

10:30am - 11am - Breakfast

11:30am - Ayurvedic approach to anxiety

1pm - Ayurvedic Lunch

3pm - Anxiety, childhood & unlearning coping mechanisms

5pm - Closing circle with meditation and live music

6pm - Free spa time

Hosted by: Yasmin and Amber de Giorgio

Price: €80

Breathwork and Body De-Armouring - Saturday 11th March @ 5pm - 7pm

A powerful workshop to wrap up the year by freeing up the body of tension and completing interrupted fight and flight responses stored deep in our nervous systems and cellular memories.

In this workshop we will be going through a journey together to release tension and traumas that may have been stored in our bodies for decades. We learn to work with the felt sense, conscious breath, movement, touch & emotional expression.

The journey is designed to break through layers of body armouring, mental, emotional & physical resistances as well as chronic stress patterns. We are guided to let go of the trapped energies in a safe, well held container, which in turn frees up a pool of energy that was previously used for contraction, fear and holding.

Price €40