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Sanya Yoga Hub & Pilates

An invitation to step out of the chaotic external world for a few moments and find some peace within.

An invitation to explore your breath & your body by moving & also by becoming still.

An invitation to relax your mind & nourish your soul.

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I started practicing yoga in Thailand in 2012 during which I attended a Thai Oil Massage course. In 2013 I deepened my practise of Hatha yoga in Rishikesh, India. While being there I waslucky enough to attend daily satsangs by Prem Baba and ShantiMayi. This is really where I really decided to be on team consciousness. I discovered so many new things about myself at this vital time. Conscious breathing and being conscious with your words among others. Here I was introduced to so many new ingredients to put into my practice. I choose to always be a student of what I love. All of it. I have a lighthearted attention to detail and passionate dedication to the practice. It can be a struggle at times but my Yoga is the underlying force keeping all of the pieces together. Yoga reminds me that everything is connected so we must live, act, dance, breathe with awareness. If the journey really is the reward, then I choose to enJOY the journey. I hope you will join me. ... Read More Close


I fell in love with yoga in 2009 when I first began to practice and immediately felt its transformative power. I started with devotional practices and studies on the philosophy of yoga with astronger emphasis on meditation rather than asana (posture) practice, although my interest in asana grew over the years. I then took a keen interest in nada yoga (the yoga of sound) and incorporated the use of sacred sound into my meditation and devotional practices. I did my yoga teacher training with the intention to fuse asana practice with sound and meditation and to share the heart of this practice with others. In my classes you will find gentle flows, pranayama and sound meditations that work to give each person their own direct experience of spirituality. ... Read More Close


Yoga arrived in my life some years ago during a quest for self understanding, balance, connection, healing and simplicity. The more I practiced, the more I was amazed by the transformation of my body,the strength and lightness that comes from within, by the stillness of my mind and the deep connection with my soul. Yoga did not hit me only on the mat, it also expanded into my personal life and choices. At the beginning of 2016 I decided to quit a “good job” to pursuit my dreams. To live a more fulfilled life, in harmony with my own values and perceptions. I went to Rishikesh, India, the birth place of Yoga, where I have completed a 200hr Hatha Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. Yoga showed me that wisdom, peace, balance, happiness, wholeness is all within. We all have precious gems inside us that need to be found and polished. Breath by breath by breath. ... Read More Close


I remember the first time I saw a yoga class in-action. I thought, “I am NEVER doing that weird stuff.” Today teaching yoga and Pilates is more than my job; it’s my creative outlet,passion, and the greatest gift. Although I’ve been practicing yoga and other athletics since childhood, I was never a dedicated yogi. After an intense six months in India, I actually left the practice completely. At some point, the wisdom of yoga trickled back into my life. I adore Pilates as the perfect complement to a yoga practice; yoga is for the mind and muscles, Pilates is for the tendons and toning. After receiving certifications in Group Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I am on my way to a 500-hour yoga certification with The Kaivalya Yoga Method.Emily’s Pilates classes incorporate a variety of techniques, from modern plyometrics to classic ballet movements. Each class is intended to build elasticity and stamina in the body, with an emphasis on controlled core work and fluid movements. While we are on our feet occasionally, most of class is spent on the ground. Emily’s Prenatal Flow classes are appropriate for a mother at any time of her pregnancy, so long as her doctor continuously approves. Like all Pilates & Yoga classes with Emily, this class is altered to perfectly suit the needs of attendees. Feeling energized? We’ll practice low-intensity cardio training! Ankles suffering? We’ll take those legs up the wall! Regardless, every class includes breath work, pelvic floor exercises, and yoga-based stretching. ... Read More Close


My passion for yoga started mostly whilst travelling in India.  I fell in love with the practice and have been connected to it ever since.  This is what eventually led me to Bali tostudy for my 200 hour teacher training in Vinyasa yoga which also focused on Iyengar principles.  The moment I returned home I began to teach instantly!  After a couple of years of teaching I wanted to further my knowledge and experience, so I returned to the country that initially ignited this passion, India.  I had the privilege of studying Ashtanga yoga alongside some incredible people for a few months in Rishikesh.  Due to the different styles I studied, I developed my own which I would describe as a Vinyasa Hatha blend.  The style combines heat-building movement with a deeper stretch and holding of postures. I like to focus on the foundations of poses, bringing attention to the way our bodies are held and used throughout the practice. I feel that each class invokes a sacred space, and I invite each person to be mindful in their practice.  This way, I believe, the essence of yoga will truly be felt. ... Read More Close


When I started going to yoga I was living in London and working a very demanding, stressful job which I didn’t enjoy. I would walk into the yoga class with my shoulders up to my ears and mymind all over the place and I found I would leave yoga totally relaxed and myself again as well as having had a great physical work out. For me, yoga brings me back to myself & gives me the space to be me in the chaotic world we live in. The style of my practice will depend on how my body & mind are feeling that day. I have grown to love the intensity & self-discipline required for Ashtanga practice, I revel in the creative flows of Vinyasa and the foundational wisdom of Hatha and some days I crave the stillness of Yin yoga.  Above all, I listen to my body and I know that even on the days when I am doing a very simple practice that I still feel very powerful benefits. After all, yoga is not about the poses you can get into, although these can be fun, but it is just about being on your mat and tuning into yourself. ... Read More Close


Coming from a Professional Dance background, I have always had a passion and need for movement, expression and release. Whilst I was working in London, I found home at an amazing Baptistestyle Power Yoga studio. I was instantly in love and dove right in, attending any class I could find time for. As my interest and passion increased, I began attending more and more workshops and eventually completed my RYS200 HR Teacher Training in 2013. I was completely transformed. I delved deep into the world of meditation, the Yogic ways and the self-transformative qualities of the practice. After teaching in London for 3 years, I embarked on a 14 Month Travel trip with my partner through India, Sri Lanka, SE Asia and Oz where Yoga, meditation and learning more was a must! My Yoga journey has continued to evolve since moving back home after 11 years in February 2017. My classes are deeply focused on breath, flow and alignment. Building a strong flow in harmony with your breath and unlocking the realms of mental and physical possibility is something I hope to inspire in people everywhere! ... Read More Close


Sarah has developed a deeper connection with yoga, during a chest recovery after her theatre dancing career, with the simple intention of rebuilding physical strength and flexibility.
She left with the most amazing giftshe had ever received. She just woke up every morning wanting to return to her mat.
Following her heart’s instincts, Sarah completed a 200HR RYT Yoga Alliance, Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow through Yog Nisarga in Goa, Arambol, India In 2014 and lived in Angka Meditaion Ashram with the great Master Darma Yasa in Denpasar Bali. She has met many inspirational teachers and students throughout her travels across India, Sri Lanka, Australia and the Balinese Islands, which then led her to discover Tantra, Movement Meditation and Kundalini practices.
Yoga has raised her awareness by providing individual space, yet surrounded, challenged yet supported, brave yet vulnerable, and most importantly, a space to heal from the inside out. Yoga introduced Sarah to the best version of herself and has been a catalyst for growth in every single aspect of her life. She truly believes that the greatest teacher is the teacher within, and her intention, as an instructor, is to provide the space for students.
To raise their consciousness, embrace their intuition, to explore their strength, manifest their greatest intentions to reach their full existensial potential.
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My journey as a yoga teacher started in Malta in 2012, when I did my first yoga teacher training. A few months later I moved to the UK, and spent the last 5years there, refining my skills through further training and teaching experience. I got certified in teaching Pregnancy yoga, Kids yoga and Yoga for stress.  In the meantime I also become a qualified Pilates instructor and Sound therapist.  While I continue working internationally, I am excited about making Malta my home base again and about sharing my knowledge and experience locally too. I teach yoga with a breath focused, mindful approach. In my classes the movement practice is varied in intensity. Gentle, restorative poses and softly flowing movements appear alongside postures that more intensively engage strength and flexibility. I stay true to what made me fall in love with yoga and I emphasise that yoga is a practice not only for the body, but also for the mind. In my classes you will be introduced to techniques which are rooted in the yoga tradition and are designed to help you improve the level of awareness with which the physical poses are practiced. When you join my classes, you will definitely notice my fascination with imagery cues. I love using those, because they are conductive of getting us out of our ”doing and achieving” mindset and they lend the practice a light, playful and soulful character. These classes are always a welcoming place for beginners. However, even more seasoned practitioners of yoga can benefit from exploring the mindful dimensions of their practice. ... Read More Close


I first discovered yoga and meditation whilst travelling in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru. Since then I started redirecting my lifestyle to become more in alignment with the yoga values which I instantlyconnected to. My practice started to deepen when I met my teacher and his yoga and meditation centre in Bali. In my first visit I did my teacher training and completed a two week sadhana (intensive practice). Since then I have committed to my practice and visit Bali every year to retreat and go deeper into my practice. I teach a traditional hatha style of yoga with a very big focus on yoga as a tool to enter the state of meditation. Yoga posture is the tool, meditation is the path. ... Read More Close


My first love for yoga was found around 5 years ago, I was instantly interested in the beauty of love for something that brought such peace within. I straight away said i would needyoga in my life forever and would love to teach one day especially with kids. Now 5 years on here i am,after doing my first 200hour course India in January i will be sharing my Hatha yoga experiences with you. I will also be conquering my dream and going to attend a course to teach kids yoga in November so that i can also share this love for yoga with the love for kids that i have. ... Read More Close