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The Organic choice is a rich one. It is a choice connected not only to our bodies, but to our land, to our water and to our air. Not many people know the Maltese population has the highest amount of pesticides found in human urine of any EU country. So the issue of organic or not is a poignant one for us here on the island.

organicWhilst the health benefits of eating foods which don’t contain poisons are more clear and by and large recognized by the community, the problems that pesticides are causing for the water, land and biodiversity are given less attention. At Sanya, our commitment to an integrative view of health means that we take seriously our responsibility as citizens of this land. We therefore have to think about our impact.

Problems with Pesticides

High use of pesticides causes a lot of damage to; local flora and fauna, levels of biodiversity, the water table, and soil quality. There has been significant damage to pollinators such as bees and butterflies. In reality the issues surrounding farming in Malta are not as simply as pesticides Vs organic. However the connection between pesticides, and the industrial trends towards monoculture, chemicals and hybridization are strong, and all are causing serious problems to our natural environment.

As farming methods have evolved over the last few decades there has been strong pressure for increased efficiency of the land, which leads to the land being over-farmed and pumped full of herbicides and pesticides. In the short term, this increases yields and allows farmers to make a living. In the long term however, the damage to soil microorganisms is heavy. Also the flattening of land for monoculture leaves soils unprotected from the elements causing further long term damage.

Choosing to support organic farming methods means that you are pushing for a more long term and sustainable approach to how we grow our food. To go into more depth on the values of approaching land use from a perspective of stewardship we highly recommend to discover more about the philosophies of Permaculture.

Organic at Sanya

At Sanya we are happy to work with local suppliers and importers of organic products such as Barbuto, Naturali, Sattva and Vincent’s Eco-Farm. We are also partners in the mission to educate the public on the effect of our food buying choices on the wider community. So we support strongly the work of our friends at the Permaculture Research Foundation, Bahrija Oasis and The Veg Box.

The above is just a touching the surface of why we have chosen to become the first catering outlet in Malta to be 100% certified organic.

Interested in learning more about Permaculture in Malta and a more integrated view on sourcing food? Watch the below to find out more;