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Hosting events and workshops is one of our favourite things at Sanya. It allows us to bring so much of our mission into practice. Events and workshops are a platform to heal, learn and go within. Over this past year we have collaborated with some fantastic humans! We’ve brought you in-house workshops but also events hosted by some of the islands best holistic practitioners and wellness advocates. We also hosted a number of guests from outside our shores which has been really fun. This is just the beginning, we have planned much of our 2018 calendar, and there’s lots of juicy topics to be covered.

1 Sri Mati Retreat

Julie Piatt aka SriMati flew all the way from California to host her first solo retreat at Sanya. Usually a co-host with her partner Rich Roll on their famous plantpowered retreats, this time SriMati curated a 3 and half day retreat that was designed to connect participants spiritually. The retreat was full of yoga, meditation, tea ceremonies, breathwork and amazing vegan food. And was topped off by a stunning vegan cheese demonstration with recipes from SriMati’s book This Cheese is Nuts.

2 Gozo Retreat

Retreats are special. And that is why they are our top two events from 2017. At Sanya we are always trying to offer support to help you connect to yourself. Committing to putting your life on pause for a few days to join a retreat means you are already 3/4 of the way there to receiving some relaxation and inner peace. Our Gozo retreat was pure magic, the connection between the group after spending 4 days together was beautiful and we can confidently say each participant discovered something new within themselves.

3 Fermented Food Workshop

Food is a big part of being well in our bodies and even minds. Last year we hosted a series of workshops teaching some basic nutritional knowledge and cooking skills. We had not only the fermented foods workshop but also a superfood workshop and sprouting workshop. We enjoyed them all, but the fermenting workshop was our favourite, perhaps because fermenting foods is still new to most people. Fermented foods like saurkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and kefir are very healthy for our gut bacteria and also really tasty!

4 She Malta

Having 30+ awesome female entrepreneurs in our space was truly epic. The She Malta launch was a really inspiring event with some great speakers and most importantly a great community. It has been great to see them go on to host a variety of different workshops for female entrepreneurs. Check them out for more info.

5 Posture Workshop

Cristin and Matt from the American Chiropractic Clinic hosted an amazing workshop on posture. Having good posture is such a crucial but underrated part of a healthy lifestlye. In this workshop Cristin and Matt shed so much light on how our work and posture affect not only our muscular system but our neurological system too. More to come of these in 2018!

6 Beginners Yoga course

Sanya co-founders Yasmin and Amber led a 6 week introductory course into the world of yoga. The course covered all crucial aspects of yoga, including its philosophical underpinnings, pranayama breath practices, mantra, asana (physical postures) and meditation. Bringing the beauty of yoga to new students was truly a joy and the group even got treated to a couple of sound meditations by Amber.

7 Healing with Essential Oils

The lovely Rebeccah Steele visited us from the UK to share her expertise on essential oil healing. One of the best things about this workshop was the fact that Rebeccah communicates through experience rather than information. The groups were guided into how to use and more importantly how to feel the effects of essential oils. This inner experience is the best guide for understanding how different oils affect you personally and how you can use them to heal physical conditions and symptoms.

8 Mindful Birthing

This beautiful event hosted by Nadine and Sarah, the duo behind Mindful Mum was a favourite of our team. The workshop shared information and practices based in yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and other holistic therapies to support parents to be. At Sanya we truly believe that investing in the next generation is the key to creating a better world. What better way than to start from the beginning…birth!

9 Relationships workshops

Hosting this workshop was very satisfying for our team. We truly thought that the title, ‘Identify and Heal Unhealthy Relationships’ would scare most people off. So we were very happy to have such a good turn out. Ian Refalo was the perfect host, creating a comfortable space and even bringing in humor to help shed light on our unhealthy relationship patterns. More to come from Ian in 2018!

10 Raw Food Night

It was tough to decide whether the last place on this list would go to the Raw Food Night or our Solstice 108 Sun Salutations event. In the end Raw Food night came through. There really is a special sense of community when we share food together. One of the things we loved the most about this event was that many of the participants showed up solo (pretty uncommon in Malta). It was so lovely to see all our solo guests having such a great time meeting new people, chatting as though they had known each other forever and of course enjoying our raw food. Sanya is one of the few places on the island that offer gourmet raw food dishes and we are looking forward to upping our game and offering loads more of these in 2018.

So there you have it, our best events of 2017. As we pencil in our events for 2018, if you feel there is something that definitely needs to be in the calendar comment on our facebook post.

Special thanks to all who attended and hosted workshops with us, especially the hosts of; Serenity Retreat,  Tensegrity, 108 Sun Salutations and the Sprouting workshop, as we really wanted to include them in this list.

We will see you in 2018 with our first event which will be a workshop on Yoga Alignment. More info on our facebook page!